Game Rules "Save the Turtle''

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Number of players

Save the Turtles is suitable for 2 or more players

Before you start the game

Find your own pawn

To play the game you need a pawn. This pawn is your turtle that you have to swim safely through the ocean. Find your pawn on the beach or other place where you are right now. A plastic cap or something else that doesn't belong there, it can be anything. In this way, you immediately help clean up your environment, which is heartening for nature and your turtle! Of course you can also use a shell or a stone, anything is possible. You place your pawn on the starting point.

Provide 2 dice

speel met digitale dobbelstenen via een app

Bring your own dice if you have them. If you don't have them or forgot to bring them, no problem. Open or download an app on your mobile. You have special apps for rolling dice on your mobile!


Put sand on the corners so the beach towel will not blow away.

How do you start the game?

Decide who gets to start first. You can do this by having everyone roll the dice once. The person with the highest roll begins. Then play clockwise.

Who is the winner?

Whoever is first to get his or her turtle/pawn to the safe beach, the end point (#63), wins the game.

Game rules: how do you survive as a turtle?

The young turtle begins his adventure! Each player may roll the dice each turn and move the pawn/turtle as many squares as eyes are rolled. If your turtle lands on the following squares, it has a special meaning:

number What does this number mean? What do you have to do?

number What does this number mean? What should you do?
6 You have cleaned up plastic that makes your turtle more likely to survive. continue to 12
19 Someone has thrown plastic into the sea and it poses a danger to your turtle skip 1 turn
31 Your turtle is caught in a fishing net, but manages to free itself. skip 2 turns
42 Someone left a plastic bottle on the beach and it poses a danger to your turtle go back to 39
52 Your turtle is momentarily stuck in the plastic soup in the ocean. Fortunately, he can free himself. skip 2 turns
58 Your turtle choked on a piece of plastic, because it looked like a tasty snack. Unfortunately, your beautiful turtle died. go back to the beginning
63 End: Your turtle has overcome all dangers and arrived on the beach as an adult turtle to lay eggs. Whoever gets here first has won

Other fields with a turtle

Some boxes show a turtle these are boxes 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54, 59. The player who lands on these must continue to count the same number of pips. It is therefore not possible for a player to land on a box with a turtle after his turn.

Whoever throws too many pips and would thereby pass 63, must swim back from 63. It is then possible for the player to end up on the 58 or 52 box. If, when counting back, the player lands on a box with a turtle, the player moves his pawn further back the number of pips thrown.

First throw 5 and a 4 or 6 and a 3

Whoever throws a 5 and a 4 on the first throw goes straight to 53. Whoever throws a 6 and a 3 on the first roll, advances to 26. If it were not for this rule, these players, via the turtles, would swim right through to the end.