From plastic to sustainable towel

What is happening with our beautiful planet? And how can we help with the transition to a more sustainable society? Fortunately, there are more and more innovations that offer solutions. The SooBluu microfibre quick-drying towel is one of them. This is also called an rPET (recycled PET) towel.

How are our towels made?

One towel measuring 100×160 cm does consist of 20 recycled plastic bottles, which therefore do not end up in landfills in Asia and disappear into the oceans via the rivers. In the process, collection also provides a source of income for the poorest of the poor. What are the steps to make the SooBluu towels:

The benefits of a SooBluu towel

With the purchase of a SooBluu towel or beach towel, you support the 'Local Ocean Conservation'. This organization protects the sea turtle and its habitat in the ocean near Kenya. In addition, the SooBluu is the ideal versatile quick-drying towel for vacation, sports, sauna and more. The towel is super practical to use because you take it with you wherever you go. Cause:

  • it is wonderfully compact and lightweight
  • the towel is quick dry after use
  • the towel fits in any bag or suitcase
  • no sand sticks to it
  • super absorbent, therefore ideal for going to the sauna.

Frequently asked questions about SooBluu

The SooBluu is made of microfiber that consists of 80% recycled polyester yarns and 20% polyamide. The polyester yarns are made from recycled plastic, also known as rPET. This plastic waste is collected in China and melted down into polyester yarns through a special manufacturing process. SooBluu is Repreve certified, which means that it is actually recycled plastic.

We recommend washing the bath towels at 30 degrees Celsius. Hang out to dry.

Yes. These towels absorb much more moisture than a regular towel or beach towel.

The towels are really surprisingly soft, almost silky. And they feel very smooth and supple. So easy to fold, don't crease much, if at all, and the sand slides right off. It doesn't compare to most other microfiber towels in the market. This is softer and very good quality!

We cooperate with a small-scale factory in China. This company is managed by a nice Chinese lady. And we have had a good investigation that this company meets all the mandatory working conditions. They have all the certificates, including REPREVE, that are required. Unfortunately, the manufacture of our recycled towels is not yet possible in Europe. The PET bottles are also collected and processed in Asia.

The size of the beach towels or travel towels is 100x160 or 100x190 cm

The weight of the 100×160 cm towel is only 340 grams. The XL beach towel 100x190 cm weighs about 400 grams.

You can find our SooBluu collection on our shop page. You can order here safely and online. We provide fast delivery (for the Netherlands already tomorrow at home).

Yes fun! For example, do you have a nice swimwear store, kite shop, beach club or a specialized outdoor store and would like to add our colorful beach towels to your collection? Please contact us.

You will receive the SooBluu towel at home in a convenient pouch. This pouch is made of the same material as the towel. We specially chose this so that we need to use less plastic packaging. The disadvantage is that the bags sometimes get a little dirty in the warehouse. We cannot prevent that. You can always wash them or ask for a new one if it really doesn't get clean.

Unfortunately, it is still the case that the big parties (e.g., Bol and Amazon) require items to be wrapped in plastic. Where it is a necessity, we wrap items in biodegradable plastic.

Each beach towel is always printed the same on the back with blue waves on a white background. Between the goffs, here and there it is mentioned that the microfiber towel is made of 20 plastic bottles (Free the ocean, this towel is made of 20 recycled plastic bottles). There is also a small sea turtle swimming through the waves.

In short: a beautiful reverse side and that makes the towel special too!