soobluu grote rpet reishanddoek strandlaken TURTLE 2
soobluu sneldrogende rpet microvezel reishanddoek  strandlaken turtle 100x190
sneldrogend duurzaam reishanddoek compact
Travel towel or beach towel XL &
soobluu reishanddoek strandlaken repreve recycled pet
ultra zacht licht gewicht duurzaam compact reishanddoek
duurzaam repreve recycled microvezel
soobluu sneldrogende rpet microvezel reishanddoek  strandlaken turtle 100x190 loungen
soobluu sneldrogende rpet microvezel reishanddoek  strandlaken turtle 100x190 familie zandvrij

Travel towel or beach towel XL 'TURTLE' - 100x190

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  • Made from recycled PET bottles
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This lightweight beach towel or travel towel is extra large. We created the beautiful print with turtles ourselves and we are proud of it.

With this trendy quick-drying travel towel or beach towel you contribute to a sustainable world. Ideal and nice and compact for travelling, because it fits in every bag. Light, thin and beautiful to look at. Dries well because it is very absorbent.

Feels soft: yes really, because surprisingly (silk) soft and supple beach towels are woven from the recycled plastic.

REPREVE standard: each towel is guaranteed to consist of 20 to 24 recycled plastic bottles. Through a special process, polyester yarns are made from these and these durable microfiber towels are woven (80% polyester and 20% polyamide)
Dries very well: the towel absorbs up to 1 liter of moisture. Therefore also very suitable for going to the sauna, swimming pool or after showering.
Quik drying
In a trendy small bag: the beach towel is packed in a handy small bag with cord, made of the same material as the towel. Please note, this bag gets sometimes dirty in the warehouse, because we basically do not wrap it in plastic. You can just wash the bag in the white wash, if it is very dirty ask for a new one. No problem.
Washing instructions: wash the beach towel at 30C. Hang up and then dry quickly.

For the Netherlands and Belgium we charge a small contribution to the shipping costs: € 4.50 per package.

Free shipping on orders over 50 euros. 

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  1. What is the product made of? The SooBluu is made of microfiber consisting of 80% recycled polyester yarns and 20% polyamide. The polyester yarns are made from recycled plastic, also known as rPET. This plastic waste is collected in China and melted down into polyester yarns through a special production process.
  2. What is REPREVE? SooBluu is Repreve certified, meaning there is actual recycled plastic involved.
  3. What are the washing instructions? We recommend washing our towels (or poncho) at 30 degrees Celsius. Hang to dry, as the towel dries quickly. Definitely do not tumble dry or iron.
  4. Does the towel dry well? Absolutely. These towels absorb much more moisture than a regular towel or beach towel.
  5. Is the towel soft? The towels are surprisingly soft, almost silky. And they feel very smooth and slick. So easy to fold, hardly crease, and the sand slides right off.
  6. Do the colors stay nice? Yes, the printing quality is really top-notch. So you'll enjoy your purchase for years!
  7. What is the weight of the towel? It is indicated in the images. The weight of the 100×160 cm towel is only 340 grams. The XL beach towel of 100x190 cm weighs approximately 400 grams. This is considerably lighter than a standard bath towel or other travel towels (with waffle structure) on the market.
  8. Where is SooBluu made? We work with a small-scale factory in China. This company is managed by a nice Chinese lady. And we have thoroughly investigated whether this company meets all mandatory working conditions. In addition, they have all the required certificates, including REPREVE. Unfortunately, the production of SooBluu is not yet feasible in Europe. The PET bottles are also collected and processed in Asia.
  9. What is the charity? By purchasing the towel, you directly support Local Ocean Conservation. This is a local organization in Kenya for the protection of sea turtles.
Sustainable and versatile

SooBluu is not only sustainable, but also the perfect versatile quick-drying towel. Convenient for vacation, water sports, boating, camping, sauna, and much more. The towel is very practical to use because:

  • it is compact and lightweight
  • dries quickly after use or washing
  • fits in any bag or suitcase
  • does not retain sand
  • super absorbent
  • easy to clean
SooBluu reishanddoek strandhanddoek voordelen en veelzijdig
Help us help

By purchasing your SooBluu towel or beach towel, you support the sea turtle and its habitat.

We donate 5% of our profits to Local Ocean Conservation in Kenya. They work very hard to protect the sea turtle.

Prefer a physical store?

If you'd rather see and feel our product in person, you can! SooBluu is available for purchase at stores in the Netherlands and abroad. We are continuously expanding.

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soobluu absorberend lichtgewicht reishanddoek strandlaken repreve  rpet


De speciale weving en garens zorgen ervoor dat de microvezel handdoek enorm veel water kan opnemen. Wel een liter per SooBluu! En ja: Ook zo weer droog! Even ophangen et voilá.

soobluu groothandel reishanddoek strandlaken repreve rpet lichtgewicht en compact


De SooBluu is echt een heerlijk zachte microvezel handdoek én weegt maar 300 gram! En door het compacte oprollen of opvouwen is het de ideale reishanddoek.