Environmentally conscious backpacking with a SooBluu quick-drying travel towel

For the environmentally conscious traveler, the SooBluu quick-drying & compact travel towel is ideal. This microfiber towel is made from recycled plastic. Fibers from collected plastic bottles (r-Pet) are processed into yarns. With these yarns, they weave surprisingly soft quick-drying travel towels what you wouldn't expect.

Fast-drying, strong and compact

SooBluu towels are fast-drying, strong and very packable. Our 100×160 cm towels are only 350 grams, making them great towels to take with you when traveling. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the SooBluu is very popular with yoga retreats and campers. You can really use this ideal towel for everything: at the beach, in the gym, on the boat and for vacation of course.

High quality

The SooBluu travel towel is also slightly more expensive than other towels. They are a bit larger than standard microfiber bath towels, high quality, beautiful designs and less plastic ends up in the oceans. Note that as many as 20 PET bottles were reused to make a SooBluu quick-drying travel towel. Also, with the purchase of each towel, you contribute to our charity ''Local Ocean Conservation.'' This organization, which recently won an award, helps the sea turtle and its habitat. That said, the higher price tag is more than justified. This towel will last longer than other standard towels and you will definitely get more use out of it.