New look for our SooBluu travel towels and beach towels

Discover the Reason Behind Our Beautiful Colored Bags

SooBluu is known for its high-quality recycled plastic (rPET) travel towels and beach towels, but there's something new about the packaging that you may have noticed. Our sustainable microfiber towels are now delivered in beautiful colored bags instead of the previous white ones. Are you curious about why we made this change? Read on to discover the benefits of this new packaging.

Colored Bags in Our Warehouse - No More Dingy White Bags 

One of the primary reasons for this change is that the former white bags were prone to dirt and dust, resulting in sometimes dingy bags. We didn't want to package our microfiber travel towels in plastic, as it doesn't align with our sustainable product. By switching to colored bags, they stay cleaner and fresher for longer, or at least it's less noticeable if they get dirty. Of course, you can always wash the bags!

A Fresh and Attractive Look - Beautiful Packaging for Better Presentation

In addition to the practical benefits of clean bags, the new colored bags also provide an aesthetic upgrade. They add a touch of color and style to our products. The bags not only look more appealing, but they also create a positive impression of the product before you even unpack it. This is especially important if you're considering gifting a SooBluu travel towel or beach towel.

Easy Selection in the Store - Convenient Shopping with Clear Visibility of Contents 

The new colored bags offer another convenient advantage. When you're at a retail store, you can immediately see which towel or beach towel is in each bag. This makes shopping easier and helps you quickly find the desired color or style. No more fussing with opening bags to see what's inside, saving you time as a customer.

In summary, SooBluu's new colored bags offer both practical benefits and a beautiful upgrade. They ensure cleaner products in our warehouse, add a touch of style to our product presentation, and make shopping at our retail locations much more convenient.