Be an Ambassador for the SooBluu Travel Towel!

We have an exciting opportunity for you - become an ambassador for SooBluu! We're looking for enthusiastic customers who want to capture their adventures with our SooBluu travel towel during holidays, beach days, sailing trips, backpacking journeys, yoga, kite/surf sessions, sauna visits, and other outdoor activities. We're still missing many photos, and we could really use your help.

What Does it Involve?

We want you to take photos or short videos of your experiences with our SooBluu travel towel. Whether you're enjoying the sunset at the beach, lounging on a boat, kite surfing, backpacking, picnicking in the park, capture it with your SooBluu towel! All you have to do is share your adventures with us.

Examples abound. Here are a few:

  • Take a photo with your SooBluu travel towel or beach towel; examples are provided here.

What Do We Do With Your Photo or Video?

We'll use your visuals on our website and social media. The best photos and videos will be rewarded with a gift voucher ranging from 30% to 100% discounts! If you truly excel, you have the chance to become our ambassador. This means you'll have more opportunities to take photos for SooBluu and receive free products more frequently (including from our other shop, ZusenZomer)!

How Can You Participate?

You can share your photos and videos with us via Instagram (#soobluu_shop) or by emailing them to us. We'll select the best submissions and contact you about your reward and any further collaboration.

Until the End of Summer 2024

You can continue sharing your photos and videos with us until at least the end of summer 2024. So, plenty of time.

Attention, Specifically for Men:

As you may notice, we have too few photos with men, which is unfortunate because our travel towels are also perfect for them. So gentlemen, this is your chance to stand out!

Here are a few examples of photos we'd love to see:

  • You, as a traveler or beach lover, lounging on a SooBluu beach towel with a view of the ocean.
  • You taking a break during a hike for a photo with your SooBluu travel towel (for example, draped around your neck or sitting on it).
  • The SooBluu travel towel hanging from your backpack during a hike or being stored in the backpack.

We can't wait to capture and share your adventures with the world! Join us and become part of the SooBluu community of adventurers.